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BATTLE MiLK 3 continues to expand our artistic offerings with the addition of new members, Christian Alzmann, Matt Gaser, Pat Presley, and Justin Ridge. This third volume collects brand new personal work from 9 industry professionals.

Intriguing characters and exotic worlds are explored in original stories and concept art. Through the use of everything from traditional media to 3D software, these artists showcase their stories in a variety of techniques. Step by Step tutorials from each artist also help the reader understand the creative approaches to each artist's work. BATTLE MiLK 3 lets readers in on the personal creative passions of 9 unique artists working in the entertainment industry today.

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Battle Milk 2

BATTLE MiLK 2 is the latest collection from several San Francisco-based animation professionals featuring personal works and original concept designs .Inside are over 120 pages of full color imagery incorporating a wide variety of approaches, styles and subject matter. Everything from traditional pen-and-ink to miniature photography to cutting edge digital painting can be found as new worlds and ideas are explored. Each artist provides a step by step guide to their creative process, from inspiration to techniques for realizing their ideas. Fans of all styles of imaginative design and illustration will find plenty to enjoy in this eclectic volume.

Soft Cover, 128 pgs, 9 x 12. 2010

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Battle Milk 1

Battlemilk is an art book from four bay area artist/designers working together at Lucasfilm Animation on The Clone Wars. Kilian Plunkett worked in comics before Lucasfilm. Wayne Lo worked at ILM. Thang Le and Jackson Sze are Art Center grads who worked in games, TV and movies. Kilian contributes a series of eye-catching finished illustrations/concepts. Wayne shows off his range with paintings and drawings of fantasy characters, location sketches from Italy, cute character designs, and even some lovely clothing sketches! Thang showcases his renderings of futuristic vehicles (land, sea, air) and environments. Jackson closes out the book with a portfolio of striking digital paintings of exotic realms and far flung planets.

Soft Cover, 81 pgs, 9 x 11. 2008, limited to 800

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Battle Milk 3 book release and signing event at San Diego Comic Con 2013! 7/14/2013

Come join us at DSP booth on Saturday July 20 @ 2PM-4PM. Meet the creative team behind Battle Milk and get your book signed by the artists! booth 1701.

Gallery Nucleus Release Party! 8/12/2010

Battlemilk Volume 2 is out now! We'll all be at the Hallucinations/Battlemilk event at roulette Gallery Nucleus on 08.28.10 in Alhambra, California. Please come by and say hello!

San Diego Comic Con International 2010 7/16/2010

Just wanted to let you know that BATTLEMiLK2 will be at Comicon next week. Check out the BATTLEMiLK website for sneak peeks and updates. Please come visit us at the Design Studio Press Booth #1701. All 6 artists will be there to sign copies on Friday 7/23 from 4 to 5pm. If you can’t make it to the Con, BM2 will be available everywhere DSP books are sold. You can get it at Amazon, Borders, etc.